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Compact Cat Scratcher


Product Description

Cats love to scratch - it's a natural instinct. Providing this scratcher will help to keep them active and improve claw condition, and can also be an aid to stop them damaging your furnishings.
Key Benefits - With natural wild catnip for extra 'claw attention' - Claw and paw friendly corrugated scratcher - Provides hours of entertainment
Recommended for Cats Instructions 1. Carefully open the front panel and remove it by tearing along the perforation. 2. Remove the bag of Catnip and rub a generous pinch of it into the flutes of the corrugated cardboard. Re-seal the Catnip bag to keep it fresh. 3. Place the scratcher on the floor. 4. Re-apply the Catnip if your cat's interest in the scratcher starts to diminish.

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